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DWI/Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving/DWI

Though many are not aware, Nassau County, New York, has some of the harshest prosecutions of DWI/DUI offenses in the entire state. Depending upon the circumstances, a charge may range from a misdemeanor, for a first time offense, to a felony for repeat offenders. The punishment for DWI/DUI offenses in New York may include both criminal sentences and administrative sanctions which can affect one’s driver’s license.   Because of the seriousness of such charges and the severity of their punishments, it is imperative to retain a dedicated team of lawyers with the knowledge and experience to handle any DWI/DUI situation.

We at Trainor & Cristiano LLP know precisely how prosecutors approach a DWI/DUI charge. In response, we are ready and committed to putting our nearly four decades of combined experience to work for you. We stay on top of the latest Breathalyzer technology and understand the procedures that all police officers must follow. We’ll closely examine every aspect of the charges against you in order to ensure that the necessary protocol was followed and will use any weaknesses we uncover in the prosecution’s case to your best advantage.

Through our personal and methodical evaluation, we identify pertinent issues, confer with our clients and move toward the optimal resolution of your case.